After the excitement of an engagement erupts, reality sets in: you have a wedding to plan. With all of the details to consider, here are some important things couples should realize before they begin.

 There Will Be Disagreements

When it comes to wedding planning, everyone has different expectations and opinions. For example, your parents may want something more traditional than you’re envisioning. While opinions are shared, it’s important to be polite and smile. Remember that the wedding isn’t just your day; your parents, family, and friends have been looking forward to this occasion, too. So consider their opinions, but also remember that in the end, it is your special day and will mean the most to you. Find ways to delegate responsibilities to others to help them feel a part of it, but don’t be afraid to speak up about things that are important to you.

Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize!

The budget is essential to wedding planning. Once you’ve agreed on a budget, determine what is the most important things to you. Is there a venue that you really want? Do you dream of having magazine-worthy pictures? Do you want a live band to entertain guests? Whatever the case may be, make room in the budget for things that are most important to you. Then, you can cut corners in other areas of the budget.

Research Each Vendor

Make sure that any vendor you hire will provide exactly what you need. Just because your brother recommended a DJ that he likes doesn’t mean that the DJ will be the right fit for your wedding. Research your vendors, explore their previous works and find out what services they consistently offer to clients.

Make Photography Wish Lists

You don’t want to go back through your pictures wishing that the photographer had captured a picture of your flower girl and ring bearer together or you and your bridesmaids getting ready. If there are particular pictures that you want, make a list to provide to the photographer. Look online for inspiration for your list.

Plan for Plan B and Plan C

You don’t expect anything to go wrong on your wedding day, but things happen. When you get lots of people together, the unexpected is bound to happen. Problems will arise. Have backup plans ready to go. For example, if you’re getting married outside, have an inside venue ready in case there is rain. Have medications on hand and an emergency wedding kit ready to handle anything that happens.

Indecisiveness Can Be a Liability

You’ve heard about bridezillas driving people crazy with their overly opinionated ideas, but being on the opposite end of the spectrum can drive people just as crazy. Your wedding planner wants to know whatever ideas you have to give him or her better direction. Your bridesmaids want to know what you think about for their dress, shoes, accessories, and hair, so they can help your vision come alive. It’s your special day, and people want to make it special for you. You can help remove some of the stress of planning by figuring out what you want and make it known.

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