Before you start stressing over the wedding planning process, remember that you’re not alone. Your social network can be a powerful tool when it comes to wedding planning. Here are a few ways your social network can help you.

Seeking Inspiration

Gone are the days when couples purchase every bridal magazine available to peruse for wedding ideas. Now you can turn to content platforms like Pinterest for wedding inspiration. These sites also allow you to curate and share your ideas with your fiancé, parents, bridal parties, and others in your social network.

Connecting with Other Couples

Wedding planning is stressful. Sometimes you just need to vent. Using social media sites, you can connect with other couples and add them to your social network. Then, you can share your thoughts and feelings about the planning process with them. Talking to others who are worrying about and dealing with the same things can help relieve the stress. You may even make some new friends in the process.

Sharing Wedding Advice

There’s so much content online about weddings that it can get overwhelming looking for the most relevant content to you. Thanks to channels like Twitter and Facebook, you’re able to easily exchange wedding resources with friends and follow your favorite brands that offer wedding planning tips and inspiration. Get a head start by following Menagerie for wedding planning tips 🙂 – Follow us at @menageriedotme

Communicating with Friends and Family

Using your social network, you can quickly reach out to friends and family about updates, plans, and more. Many couples use wedding hashtags to help people find information about their wedding. It can also help assemble pictures together from the moment you get engaged until the second you drive away to your honeymoon.

Deciding on Vendors

Which wedding planner should you hire? Need a second opinion before you book your photographer? It’s difficult to know the answers to all of these questions without a little help from friends. You can quickly gather feedback from your social network to narrow your search and make it easier to select the vendors to hire or other ideas to consider. Did you know you can pin Menagerie vendors to your Pinterest boards and share their profiles on Facebook? Try it!

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