Whether you’re the maid of honor, groomsman, or parent, you may start to notice the bride or groom becoming increasingly demanding and hard to deal with throughout the wedding planning process. You don’t want to detract the bride or groom from his or her moment or ruffle feathers, but you also don’t want to be taken advantage of or treated poorly. What do you do?

Establish Boundaries

It’s important to establish boundaries early on in wedding planning. Let the bride or groom know that you’re happy to help, but there are some things that you won’t be able to do. For example, you may not be able to afford an expensive wedding dress or suit, shoes, accessories, and travel expenses for the wedding. You may not have it in you to finish making the wedding favors overnight. Communicate early and clearly what you can and cannot do.

Grin and Bear It

Wedding planning is stressful. Many couples crack under the pressure of trying to make sure everything is perfect while sticking to a tight budget. Whatever brings out the crazy side of your bride or groom, don’t take it personally. Be there to listen and smile when things start to seem a little out of control.

Refrain from Backbiting

Throughout the process, you might feel inclined to vent about the bride or groom and wedding planning to your friends and other members of the bridal party. Don’t do it! If it gets back to the couple, it’s going to hurt their feelings. It could add even more stress to wedding planning. It could even damage your relationship.

Delegate Responsibilities

As the bride or groom start to pile on more and more responsibilities for you, don’t be afraid to delegate them to others. For example, the other members in the wedding party can help out. You could also talk to other friends and family members that have offered to help as needed (get permission first before involving someone else, especially outside of the wedding party!). Always ask for help if needed!

Help Her Relax

Help the bride or groom get away from the stress of planning every now and again. You could get out of town, have a spa weekend, or just have an evening on the town. Help him or her relax and have fun so the wedding planning won’t consume all their energy and emotions.

You can help the couple from the moment of engagement to the day the last thank-you letter is sent in the mail, but you don’t have to sacrifice all of your time and money in order to do it.


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