As you start planning your wedding, it’s important to think about what you’ll do if anything happens, including rain. Strategize early for Plan B, and be prepared for either option. As you think about your Plan B, here are some things that you should do.

Learn Your Options

Take the time to consider your options. Here are some questions to give you a head start on how you should be thinking about your Plan B.

Venue: Does your venue have an indoor location you could use if it rains? Will there be an additional cost to changing locations within the venue or will it be included as a courtesy from the venue? Will you need another venue? Would you want to go through with an outdoor wedding even if there was rain?

Music: If there is an equipment glitch, can you temporarily substitute with a Spotify playlist on yours or a wedding party member’s phone?

Schedule: Weddings rarely start on time so anticipate this and inform your Day-of-Coordinator, DJ and Officiant to prepare to communicate delays to guests.

Vendors: Mitigate risk of vendors not showing up or attending late by reviewing your contracts carefully with them before signing and make sure there is language to protect you from these possible situations.

Write down your Plan B as detailed as possible. Unfortunately, this is almost like planning another wedding, but it will be worth it!

Be Prepared

Here are some decisions that will require you to consider additional preparations prior to your wedding:

If you want to go through with an outdoor wedding, then you need to be prepared by purchasing or renting:

  • Umbrellas for your wedding party and guests (Keep the receipts for if it doesn’t rain!)
  • Towels to dry off chairs
  • Tents from a tent rental company, if your venue doesn’t provide them

If you will allow kids (12 and under) at your wedding, make sure to:

  • Provide age-appropriate activities for the kids
  • Separate the kids section from the bar
  • Include a few songs, such as YMCA, that can include the kids on the dance floor
  • Caution parents of wedding favors that are not for small children

If you will serve alcohol during the reception:

  • Inform your bartenders if you will be offering a limited-time open bar or if you will only allow beer and wine
  • Be clear with your guests what is included (i.e. signature cocktails) and what they will need to pay out of pocket for (i.e. custom cocktails)
  • Bring a bleach pen….there will be spills…

Waterproof your makeup & hair:

  • To prevent your makeup from running, use a primer before applying any foundation or eyeshadow. Also, use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Then, use a spray to help seal your makeup.
  • As for your hair, use a humidity-resistant hairspray. Speak to your hairstylist about different options. You may need to have a Plan B hairstyle ready to go.
  • Find out if your makeup artist and hair stylist would be available to return between the ceremony and reception to provide touchups, as needed.

Inform Your Wedding Party and Day-of-Coordinator

Make sure your wedding team is prepared to help you implement your Plan B if necessary. Clearly define roles and responsibilities, and how putting the Plan B into action will be communicated. You’ll likely want your Day-of-Coordinator spearheading the Plan B next steps on the day of your wedding.

Purchase Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance will protect a couple’s investment in their wedding and reimburse any expenses incurred. Your venue or vendors may already have their own insurance, so be sure to check so you don’t overlap coverage out of your own pocket.

Have a Sense of Humor

As long as you’re smiling, your guests will smile along with you. Have a sense of humor about the rain or change of plans. Let loose and enjoy the experience! You’ll be able to look back at your wedding and think about all of the great memories you made even if you went with your Plan B.


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