The moment you get engaged, wedding planning is on the brain. It’s exciting. It’s stressful.  And you’re going to want to jump right in and get started. Before you do, there are some lessons that you can learn from past couples. Here are some common wedding planning mistakes that have been made and things that you can do to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Planning Before Agreeing on a Guest List

You know which venue you want, and you want to reserve it before someone else does. However, you have to put down a couple hundred dollars in a non-refundable deposit. You better make sure that it will be big enough for the number of people who are invited. You may be planning on inviting 100 of your closest friends and family, but your husband-to-be may need to invite his parents’ clients or church congregation along with them. It’s better to agree on the guest list first, so you’ll know how many people to plan for before you start putting down money on anything.

Mistake #2: Not Setting a Budget and Sticking to It

Wedding costs can add up quickly. There’s the venue, the caterer, the drinks, the dress, the bridal party gifts, the floral arrangements, the honeymoon, and more. When it comes to weddings, money issues tend to be the most stressful. You don’t want to blow your entire budget on one thing and realize that you don’t have enough money left over for something important. If you don’t know how much things cost, do some research first. Then, sit down with your fiancé and create a tentative budget that you can alter as required.

Mistake #3: Hiring Family or Friends Rather than Professionals

You can save money by assigning someone you know to take the pictures, make your cake, or complete your floral arrangements. It may take some stress off of your planning to ask someone you know to do it for you. On the other hand, you want your wedding day to be perfect. You don’t want to look back on your day with less than stellar pictures with floral arrangements that didn’t work for the event. On some areas, you can ask people you know to help. But on things like pictures, it’s better to hire a professional with a portfolio that fits your wedding vision.

Mistake #4: Doing Everything on Your Own

In the days of Pinterest, you may find yourself wanting to take on a lot of DIY projects. You may want to do a lot of the planning on your own, too. If you can handle it, more power to you. Most couples find that they get overwhelmed and struggle to just enjoy their engagement and wedding when they’re too focused on every detail. Don’t be afraid to hand the reins to a wedding planner. You can also assign various things to your groom, bridesmaids, family, and other friends.

Mistake #5: Sweating the Small Stuff

You’re going to be tempted to let your inner bridezilla out. You’re going to be tempted to bawl over tiny details. You may be tempted to micromanage every vendor or person in your bridal party. Relax! Don’t lose your sense of humor! Don’t forget why you’re planning the event!  Keep the end goal in mind, and remember that it’s okay if everything isn’t absolutely perfect. In the end, you should keep focused on your marriage vows and getting to spend the rest of your life with the person of your dreams!