The Bosco is a New York and Los Angeles based company that rents state of the art photo booths and video confessionals. 

We’re inspired by early automatic self-portraits, and intrigued by combining emerging technology with art. The photo booth has come a long way since 1889, but there is still room for exploration and innovation. The Bosco is here to do that exploring.


Tell us about The Bosco!

The Bosco, creators of the first ever animated GIF booth, focuses on unique photography and video installations for an array of clients, from private parties to international brands. The Bosco is constantly innovating, creating new products and introducing custom elements to ensure that we meet the ever-changing goals of our clients.

The Bosco GIF Booth is our most popular product: it takes 4 photos, prints a physical copy, and combines the photos into an animation which can then be shared via email, text, and various social channels.

Who has The Bosco worked with? What was the most memorable event The Bosco was a part of?

The Bosco has worked with some of the biggest names across every vertical — from tech to fashion, sports to film.  Check out a recap of 2015!

Our events range from private events to larger scale activations, and we’ve done thousands of events with some of the biggest brands in the world.  A team favorite is our H&M Runway Booth @ Coachella.

Why do you believe photo booths have become increasingly popular at weddings?

Roaming photographers at weddings are a classic, but everyone wants to capture the real moments, instantly.  Candid, fun, silly, romantic — a photo booth promises some of the best pictures of the night.

Why are photo booths a necessity at weddings?

The Bosco’s booths hit on every key part of a wedding: they are fun, they encourage people to look their best and their silliest at the same time, they provide a memorable keepsake. Who doesn’t love taking photos of themselves when they’re all dressed up and ready to party? And unlike a wedding photographer, the couple and the guests don’t have to wait 6 months for their photos.  Having photos instantly available (both physical prints and digital GIFs) is incredibly powerful.  Nothing else allows for as unique or memorable experience.

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