SPINA Bride is a new bridal fashion house that is bringing the finest hand-selected gowns from around the world to NYC in a private “one-on-one” experience for each bride. Meet us on April 20th – RSVP


Tell us about SPINA Bride.

SPINA Bride stems out from the world of flowers, we began as a floral house in 2008 to this present day, creating decor for our brides special day in New York City. The shared passion for fashion, hospitality and lifestyle between two good friends, Giselle Dubois (Parson School of Design Alumni and 12 years in the apparel business) and Paul Tsang (FIT graduate and 20 years in the Floral and events industry),  is what brought this collaboration to reality.

SPINA bride founders
SPINA Bride Founders Giselle Dubois and Paul Tsang-Diaz

What is the inspiration behind SPINA Bride?

“SPINA”, Italian for thorn, protector of the rose. Similarly, a bridal gown is the pearly shell that embellishes, accentuates and protects the beauty of a “wife to be”.

How is SPINA Bride unique?

At SPINA Bride, we want to revolutionize the wedding experience to new heights by creating a bridal fashion house in the heart of a charming Greenwich Village Carriage House, bringing our brides an intimate hand-selected collection from exclusive, international designers in a private on on one setting dedicated just to our brides.

What wedding dress trend(s) are you most excited about? Or what trend do you intend to set for the industry?

We are most excited about the latest high necklines, illusion details, and colored gowns- which are trending heavily Internationally. The American bride is just starting to get comfortable and accept that their wedding dress can be different- it doesn’t need to be the same cookie cutter white dress- its fun to venture out and try something out of the norm. Its your special day- have fun with it!

In your opinion, how has bridal fashion evolved in the past few years?

America is more accepting of international brands in the bridal industry as brides are becoming more exposed to brands that are not available in the US via social media- many brides are contacting designers directly to get the dress of their dreams. Why not bring it back home to them? Recently there has been more international bridal designers entering the US, which is great as it is slowly evolving the American designers and recreating a lot more intricate designs that were not as prevalent a couple years ago.

What is your most popular dress among brides? What is currently your favorite wedding dress?

A lot of our traffic is driven by Lee Petra Grebenau from Israel and Jaimie Sortino from Australia. It’s difficult to choose a favorite but you’ll find out at the party with Menagerie this NY Bridal Fashion Week!


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