These days, couples are looking for vendors online, which means that your online presence is incredibly important. It can help you create a great first impression on potential clients, so they will want to work with you. Review your online presence and think about what you can do to improve it. Think about the top things that couples look for in vendors when they check them out online.

Pictures & Videos

Brides and grooms want to check out examples of your work. Make sure that you have plenty of high-quality pictures that show them exactly what you can do and demonstrate the services you offer. Videos are also a great way to show yourself in action. Brides and grooms want to see you working, so they will know what to expect when they hire you.

About You

Make sure that you share genuine information on yourself. If potential clients have to work too hard to find out information about you, they’re going to look for someone else. Allow clients to easily connect with you and reduce the unnecessary communication involved in determining if you are available for the client or if he or she fits your budget. Read out tips on The Importance of Transparency in Your Business

Social Media Presence

It’s not enough to have a website that people can review. You need to have a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, blog, and other ways for potential clients to interact with you. Update these on a regular basis and communicate with clients to keep yourself in the front of their minds.

List of Venues

What venues are you familiar with? Which ones have your worked at before? It can be helpful to include this information, so clients know what kind of experience you have and whether or not you’ll be comfortable working at the venue of their choice. It might also give them some ideas of where they should have their wedding or reception.

Gender Neutral Language

With more and more same-gender couples getting married, it’s important that your online presence doesn’t neglect them. Make sure to use gender neutral language in order to attract a larger audience.


A wedding is a special, once-in-a-lifetime event. For that reason, couples want to make it perfect with lots of special, unique touches. Try to post ideas that they can use to inspire their planning and choose things that will make the event special for them.


Clients will get to see your work firsthand, but hearing testimonials can reassure them that you’re the right person for the job. Ask past clients to write testimonials that you can include on your website for people to read.

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