Whether you’re just starting out in the wedding industry or are a seasoned wedding professional, there are lots of things that you need to do to maintain your brand, grow your clientele and become profitable. There are many mistakes that professionals unknowingly make that can be detrimental to their business.

1. Not Managing Your Online Presence

With our increasingly digital world and more couples starting their wedding planning online, it’s important to manage your presence online. Just as you attempt to maintain consistency in your brand, services and communication offline, you must also continue this online. Your brand is represented through your social channels, website and wherever you’re listing your business. Places like Yelp, The Knot, Weddingwire and other content platforms may increase your chances of discoverability, but do not differentiate you from others in the industry – they promote you based on cost of your services and location, not your works or brand. As a result, you end up spending a lot of money only to receive price inquiries or no bookings at all!

Your goal is to not only increase your social following or clicks on your website, but also conversions or number of people who take the next step to reach out to you (email/phone or video call) and book you.

Finally, make sure you are consistently promoting your offerings and responding quickly to interested clients. Both of these directly impact the level of customer service you are providing.

2. Underpricing Services

When first starting out, you may be tempted to set low prices in order to attract customers. You can increase the prices later, right? Regrettably, many wedding professionals struggle to turn a profit at these prices. Their customers become accustomed to the low prices, and they become pigeon holed as the professional to turn to when brides or grooms are on a budget. The lower prices can also harm other professionals as you devalue the services that you—and they—provide. Set the prices based on what you deserve and offer other deals and promotions to attract new clients.

3. Refraining from Delegating

You need to connect with brides or grooms. You need to prepare for their special day and make sure that everything is in order. You need to network with your industry. You need to market your services and promote your work. You need to answer emails. You need to attend bridal shows and other events. You need to stay on top of latest trends…. The truth is YOU don’t need to do all of those things.

Don’t be afraid to delegate responsibilities to others, especially if you don’t know how to do something. For example, you can delegate or outsource the branding of your logo, and design and maintenance of your social channels and website to someone else. It’s going to take too long to teach yourself how to do these things if you don’t already know how to do them, which will take you away from more important things that you need to do.

4. Poor Business Organization

An unorganized business results in poor customer experience, impacts quality of work and limits a professional’s ability to grow their business. Forgetting to respond to inquiries or schedule a consultation, struggling to prioritize planning between two events, and inconsistently communicating with clients are just some common examples of when a professional doesn’t effectively manage his or her business. Through planning software and tools, you can avoid these common mistakes and ensure your clients are served with the best experience. With technology-enabled solutions we’re able to manage and grow with our business.

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