Looking for some bedtime reading on building and growing a wedding business? Then check out these recommendations!

How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Wedding Consultant and Planning Business

Written by John N. Peregrine, Jr., this book talks about all of the things that you need to do to start a successful business and grow your business. It covers things like how to file taxes, find clients, prepare packages, determine prices, and deal with angry clients. The book has nearly 300 pages of in-depth information to help you and a CD-ROM for you to use.

The Everything Start Your Own Consulting Book: Expert Step-by-Step Advice for a Successful and Profitable Career

The author, Dan Ramsey, wrote this book full of practical advice for people to use when running a consulting company of any kind. Although it isn’t specific to the wedding industry, it offers great advice for creating goals, organizing paperwork, pricing services, managing employees, marketing, and eliminating risk. It can provide wedding vendors with some great advice that can help build your business.

Wedding Photojournalism: The Business of Aesthetics

Aimed at wedding photographers, this book was written by Paul D. Van Hoy who is an award-winning photographer. His work has been featured in Brides, Bridal, Wedding Magazine, Wedding Style, InStyle Wedding, Modern Bride, and Martha Stewart Wedding. The book includes some of his pictures and technical advice for capturing the emotion and character of each memory. More importantly, it acts as a helpful playbook for photographers that covers everything from marketing and advertising to social media and using SEO.

The Professional Caterer’s Handbook: How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Catering Business

Lara Arduser and Douglas R. Brown wrote this book about everything that professional caterers need to know in order to be successful, such as

  • Menu planning
  • Kitchen management
  • Equipment layout
  • Food safety
  • Hiring and managing staff
  • Bookkeeping and budgeting
  • Table settings and arrangements

The book is comprehensive and well-written. Caterers are sure to find information that they can use to grow their business and improve the services that they offer their clients.

The Complete Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings

After marrying his partner, K.C. David decided to write a book to help others planning gay and lesbian weddings. It covers many topics that other wedding books would cover, such as scheduling and budgeting. It also contains advice for overcoming challenges that are specific to gay and lesbian couples. Some of these challenges include announcing their engagement, finding gay friendly vendors, and dealing with hesitant guests. Although the book is aimed at couples, vendors can learn a lot about these potential clients that can help them better serve these couples’ needs.

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