One of the things that wedding vendors struggle with the most is collecting payment. When a bride or groom isn’t paying like they’re supposed to, it can be a burden to track them down and make sure that you get the payment you’re owed.

Thankfully, there is something that you can do to change the way you collect payments: The Internet (and Menagerie!). It’s time to consider collecting payments online for the following reasons:

Faster Payments

People want convenience, especially when it comes to paying their bills. If they’re expected to pay by a check or money order, it’s going to take longer. However, if people can conveniently pay online whenever they want, they’re going to be more likely to jump on their phones and pay you right then and there. In turn, you’ll be able to receive your payment faster, too.


Let’s face it. You don’t want to be hunting down the bride, groom, or parents for payment on the day of the wedding, and they don’t want to be worrying about paying you either. With online payments, your clients can schedule the payment ahead of time. You won’t receive the money until after you’ve performed the service or provided the goods, but they won’t need to worry about it during the wedding. It’s a win-win situation.


With scheduled payments and the option to pay by credit card, you can guarantee that you’ll be paid for your services. You won’t have to chase your clients down and leave harassing messages on their voicemail in order to remind them that you need to be paid. Instead of owing you, your clients will owe their credit card companies. They’ll still need to work out the bill, but they can uphold their end of the contract with you.


People are becoming warier of providing their credit card or debit card information. However, you can assure your clients that their payment information will be kept confidential and secure. In order to do this, you need to use a secure method. Make sure that clients will be able to enter their credit card number and other personal information without worrying about who will get their hands on it.

Collecting payment can be awkward and difficult. You need to get paid, and you deserve to get paid. But no one wants to worry about the payments when the wedding day is in full effect. Online payments can take away the problems surrounding the bill, so you can receive your money quickly and your clients can enjoy the convenience and security of scheduled payments, too.

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