After getting hundreds of beautiful shots at a wedding, you may want to consider submitting your works to magazines, blogs, or other publications to have your photographs featured. But how can you be assured that your photos will get chosen?

How can you stand out from the other photographs that were submitted? You need to send pictures that fit what the publications are looking for, such as the following 4 factors:


It doesn’t matter how stunning the photos of the latest wedding that you shot are. If the photos don’t fit what the publication is looking for, then they’re not going to choose your pictures. Look through the examples that the publication has already used. Do they tend to choose pictures that show a lot of details? Do lots of the pictures include the entire bridal party? Branding is important, and the company wants to feature photos that fit the style that they want to portray. But beware to not compromise your own style with the goal of being featured!


Publications know that readers want to see unique ideas that could be used when planning their own wedding. They want pictures that inspire them. Try to highlight the unique things about the wedding or show a new way to capture a typical wedding moment. How can you innovate wedding storytelling through your lens? If the pictures showcase ideas that will spark interest for other couples, it’s likely that they’ll attract the publication, too.

Eye Catching

Publications know that the pictures they feature are going to show up on social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They won’t have time to show the entire photo shoot or every image from the wedding. Choose pictures that will catch people’s eye on social media sites and get them to share them with their friends.

Think about things that catch your eye. It could be a picture that shows something unique or romantic. It could also be a gorgeous picture that has beautiful lighting or other details that make it stand out from other wedding pictures.


One thing that makes pictures more interesting is the story behind them. When people take the time to view pictures on a blog or in a publication, they’re willing to peruse pictures and read more about them. Does the couple in the pictures have a unique or romantic story? Learning more about the couples makes the pictures more interesting, and people will be drawn to the pictures because of the narrative that goes with them.

Rather than sending the entire wedding album in hopes of getting at least one picture published, take the time to choose the best pictures to send. Do your homework and check out the other types of pictures that the publication typically features. Choose pictures that will stand out from the others while fitting in with the look and feel of the rest of the website.


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