The more qualified leads that you get, the more business this can lead to. More business is always a great thing. Unfortunately, many wedding vendors spend most of their time dealing with unqualified leads rather than attracting more people who will actually use their services.

So why are you getting unqualified leads? What can you do to increase the amount of qualified leads that you get? Here are 3 things that can lead to unqualified leads and what you can do to fix the problem:

Unclear Branding

Branding is important to show clients what you’re all about. Your brand shows them who you are and what your business can provide for them. If your branding is unclear or misleading, people won’t know what to expect from you. They may reach out to you for one thing, only to find that your company doesn’t actually offer those services. As you build your brand and market your services, make sure that you’re clear about what you offer and what your services include. Doing this will ensure that the people who reach out to you know exactly what to expect from your business. It might be helpful to have someone review your logo, company name, and other branding material to determine if it’s aligned with your business goals.

Using the Wrong Platforms

You probably have certain platforms that you use to market your services. The question is: are they the right platforms for marketing your business? Many platforms today will encourage people to request quotes. They make it easy for people to provide information, and then they can wait to hear back from you about a quote. This can be a great way to generate more leads, but are you actually getting business? Is it leading to conversions? If not, it’s time to branch out and start looking for better platforms that won’t be devaluing your brand and what you can provide to your clients. Additionally, listing on many of these platforms can be very costly so it’s always a great idea to evaluate if you’re getting your ROI.

Failure to List Prices

One of the main reasons that people will reach out to you is to request a quote. They have a set budget, and they want to know if you will fit the bill. Unfortunately, many of these people will either quickly realize that your prices are out of the range that they were hoping to pay or they will use the quote to continue to compare with other vendors.

In order to get more qualified leads, list your prices! One of the most common questions that people ask vendors is about their prices. They want to know what they can expect. When you’re transparent about the price, you’ll waste less time quoting prices to people and more time speaking to people who already know that the budget will work for them and want to know more about your services and availability.

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