Meet: Justine Bursoni

I am a candid, fresh, and natural light wedding photographer in Chicago, Illinois and Brooklyn, New York. Being creative keeps me alive and excited for life.

In addition to taking pictures, I am: the owner of The Made Fest, a handmade + vintage festival; a co-founder of Smile Politely, a Champaign-Urbana local culture magazine and The Pygmalion Festival with my husband, Seth; a co-owner of The Accord, a live music venue; a master gardener; an epicurean; and a mother.

What brought you to the wedding industry?

I came to the wedding industry through working in concert photography. They are quite similar actually. The liveliness and the camaraderie between those in attendance is like nothing else.

What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

I love the huge burst of energy that happens during at the end of the ceremony with their kiss. Everyone is exhilarated and ready to celebrate. So, selfishly, when I get to finally celebrate with my clients is my second favorite moment. It means I can put down my equipment, go in for a big, sweaty hug, and hit the dance floor with them both.

Justine Bursoni - 501 Union Wedding with Allison and Beth Anne by Justine Bursoni Photography-6

What is the best part about your job?

Meeting new people with whom I might not have crossed paths. Celebrating (and dancing!) with my couple on the day of their wedding is absolutely the best.

Where do you draw inspiration from when preparing for each wedding?

I draw inspiration from the connection with my clients. Each couple I collaborate with brings a new dynamic to my proverbial table.

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

I have no pretenses. I am who I am + you are who you are. I bet we have things in common that make us both laugh so hard, it hurts. And I lurve to laugh. (If you know the “lurve” reference, you’re tops in my book.)


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