Leslie Vega is the founder and owner of a design studio specializing in brand design for wedding professionals and small inspiring businesses.

Her background in graphic design and wedding planning led her to work closely with creatives in the wedding industry to perfect their brands and bring their visions to life. With over a decade of design experience, Leslie truly enjoys offering countless direction to small businesses and creative vendors all over the world. She pays careful attention to providing an enjoyable and stress free journey towards a perfect brand. When Leslie is not designing, you’ll find her cuddled up with her two beautiful children or enjoying a cup of coffee with a good book in hand.

Why do you believe design is becoming increasingly important for businesses?

It used to be that capturing your target market consisted of showing them the work you can do at an in-person meeting and making a personal connection. But with the growth of social media and visual inspiration, most target clients are skipping the in-person meeting and scoping out your work and style through hours of social media and web site browsing.

Oftentimes, a new client already knows whether you are a great fit before they make contact with you. How they come to this conclusion? They have tapped into your brand and evaluated the presentation you have shared. Your careful attention to a consistent brand whether through the design of your logo, your web site, your social media language, your visual portfolio and so much more is what draws in the clients you seek. Today’s market is visual. The more clearly and consistently you portray your brand, the more apt you are to attract your target audience.

What design trends do you see becoming popular in the next few years? Which ones are your most excited about?

I have explored so many design trends in my years of brand design and have seen so many come and go, but the strongest approach to design that I think is here to stay is the embracing of simplicity. Sometimes we get caught up in the intricate, “trendy” styles, whether it be the chevron patterns of the early 2000’s or the watercolors and stunning calligraphy of today, nothing transcends time like the simplicity of white space and classic elements. Some of the strongest brands I have played a role in are the ones where “trendy” was thrown out the window and the idea of a carefully thought out simple approach stands the test of time. I think businesses are embracing this concept and will continue to explore it in the next few years to come.

Where do you draw inspiration from when working with each of your clients?

My inspiration comes from a lot places. It’s funny, sometimes you will see me discretely photographing my surroundings in a store where the decor and presentation are just too inspiring not to capture. (Anthropologie iPhone-ography adventures are at the top of the list!) From interior design to fashion, textiles, and signage, my creative mind is always going no matter where I am and I often have a client’s brand in mind when I have those light bulb ideas in the most unexpected places.

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

I truly love what I do and the most rewarding aspect is being able to offer a pleasant experience to my clients in a project that can otherwise be pretty daunting. Some of my closest business relationships have come from a close bond built between the client and I as we journey through the ins and outs of their brand. Many of my clients come via word of mouth from all over the world and I owe it all to the bond I’ve shared with each client.

What advice would you give small businesses and independent professionals?

Building your brand can be a daunting task. And sometimes, you can veer off course of what your brand truly is unless you are willing to follow the guidance of a specialist. Hiring a brand designer is probably once of the best investments you can make to ensure your brand takes the right direction to draw in your perfect market. Study your options. Hire a designer who’s abilities vary to ensure your unique brand comes to life and is set apart from so many others. Choose a designer you connect with. Remember that your working relationship is just as important as their talents and abilities. And most importantly, trust your designer. Some of the strongest brands come from a deep level of trust in the designer, knowing that they can successfully and professionally bring your vision to life.


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