After many years of doodling all over every piece of paper I could get my hands on and even more years of rescuing every dog that I found roaming the neighborhood, no one was surprised when I created Doodle Dog Creative. With a background in strategic marketing, a history as an art director at various advertising agencies and a stint as an in-house webmaster I was able to offer my clients a one-stop-shop, and as they say the rest was history.

Today, Doodle Dog consists of a team of dedicated designers, developers and writers who have the capability to strategically design your brand identity and website, develop your web presence and help people find you online. We create smile-worthy concepts that capture personality and inspire brands.

Why do you believe design is becoming increasingly important for businesses?

A client no longer talks to someone as the first impression of a business. They no longer pick up the phone and decide whether or not they would like to work with you, they simply find your site online, browse a bit and in most cases, I believe have already made their mind up before contacting you.

The web has really changed the playing field, and put the power entirely in the clients hands.

What design trends do you see becoming popular in the next few years? Which ones are your most excited about?

I think classic, clean and crisp simplicity is really making a come back. Brides are in a hurry, browsing the work of a lot of different vendors. They want something that is easy to navigate, remember and understand at every touch point, from your website to your print collateral.

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

Our in-house experience management technology. We provide each of our customers a login to their own personal account where they can always see the status of the project and notes we’ve included as well a place to list any revision feedback they may have for us and their photo and text content for their project.

We also provide all of our services in-house. All design, development, consulting, content generation and more is done with one of our team members.

What advice would you give small businesses and independent professionals?

Be true to yourself and your services. Don’t worry about constantly following the trends out there. This market is huge, and you’ll have more success working with the couples who you relate to and can be 100% comfortable with.


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