Kali Edwards is the founder and owner of June Mango, a boutique design studio specializing in branding, web design and wedding styling for creatives and couples. Kali studied Fine Arts in college and was always drawn to digital art. She spent several years as an agency graphic designer and art director, but knew she wanted to help others define themselves through intentional design. Kali has also launched her own Podcast: Engaged, the Podcast.

Why do you believe design is becoming increasingly important for businesses?

It’s the difference between looking professional and looking like it’s your hobby. And you deserve to make money doing what you love, and making sure you look the part is half the battle.

What design trends do you see becoming popular in the next few years? Which ones are your most excited about?

We’re in this amazing time of simplification. It’s really wonderful to see people stripping down to the core of what’s most important, and ditching the rest. This is so important for good design – it should tell a story or solve a problem clearly, without superfluous bells and whistles.

Where do you draw inspiration from when working with each of your clients?

I draw inspiration from my clients! If we’re working together, it’s because I am just as passionate about your business as you are. If I can get behind what you’re doing, the designs I create for you will be so much better, as they will reflect YOU!

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

June Mango offers a unique web design service that gets your website LIVE online in under a week! A customized SquareSpace website, which includes tailoring it specifically to your personal brand through fonts, colors, custom graphics and responsive, modern layouts. All without breaking the bank.

What advice would you give small businesses and independent professionals?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Your true self. People buy from people. This is why I feel so passionate about personal branding. A beautiful logo is great, but if it doesn’t reflect you and your business, you’re doing yourselves and your dream clients a disservice.


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