When something is transparent, you can see right through it. In business, transparency may seem like a weakness. You don’t want to show all of your cards right from the get go. You’re afraid to share your services and pricing. You don’t want your clients to know everything about you and your company. In actuality, transparency is an important business practice. When your business is transparent, you provide information to your clients; information that can help them make an informed decision about whether or not to hire you. Transparency is also important in the following ways:

1. Increase Conversions

You don’t just want people coming to your website; you want people to book you for your services. Avoid sacrificing your valuable time to responding to unqualified leads and price quote requests. Leverage transparency to confidently communicate to your clients that your work is worth the investment. Skip the impersonal chat about your pricing and services, and jump into the conversation about the client’s interest and aspirations, and your next steps with them. By answering upfront people’s questions about your business, services and pricing, you will more likely book the individual in your first conversation, and even increase your chances to upsell additional services.

2. Save Time

Time is our most valuable asset. With people contacting you after knowing the price and services to expect, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time. You’ll receive more relevant requests from clients who are truly interested in your services. You’ll also get to spend less time answering requests for price quotes. As a consequence, you can spend more time with clients that are going to use your services.

3. Improve Reputation

People love working with transparent companies, because they know that they can trust them. Lack of transparency suggests lack in quality of work. They know that you’ll deliver on the prices and services that you outline. When they can trust you, your reputation will increase and you’ll receive more referrals. What do you have to hide? You’re talented and worth it!

With wedding planning becoming increasingly an online activity, professionals will need to adjust their business tactics to align with customer behavior. Couples are constantly looking for new solutions to help them simplify wedding planning. Improve your visibility instantly with couples when you provide a simpler process to work with you by increasing your transparency.

4. Provide Realistic Expectations

Your clients need to know what they can expect when they hire you. It’s important to lay out what services you’ll provide, so your clients aren’t hesitant to book you and spend hours negotiating with you over your services. Review your website, any pamphlets or handouts that you have, and other material. Naturally many services will be further customized, but state what your clients can definitely expect for their investment.

Review your business strategy, and evaluate your company. Look at your website and review your materials. How transparent is your company? Will clients know exactly what they can expect when hiring your company? Will they need to contact you to get the information that they need? If there is something that you can do to increase your transparency, do it so you can start taking advantage of the benefits for your company.

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