Kelly Kollar is a New York City based wedding photojournalist with a distinctive documentary style. By focusing on intimate moments and precious details, Kelly strives to capture the unique essence of every wedding. She is always looking for creative and fun loving couples who share her love of candid moments and natural light! Kelly has her degree in photography from New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts where she focused on photojournalism.

Meet: Kelly Kollar

I was born and raised in Virginia and moved to Manhattan to attend NYU’s photography program. I love the city, but I also love escaping to the country, something I’m sure comes from my rural roots! I began photographing weddings five years ago and continue to bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective every time I shoot. I use my background in photojournalism as a starting place and add in relaxed portraiture and charming detail shots. I am always looking for creative and fun loving couples who share my love of candid moments and natural light!

What brought you to the wedding industry?

After I got my photography degree I began assisting some extremely talented and generous wedding photographers who inspired me to want to run my own wedding photography studio.

What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

My favorite moment is one that can’t be planned… it’s when I see the bride and groom finally find a moment alone – weather that be right after the ceremony or if they sneak off during the reception. It doesn’t happen many times during the craziness of the wedding day, so I always try to capture this moment from afar – allowing the couple to truly be alone, even if only for a few seconds.

What is the best part about your job?

The best part of my job is getting to meet new people and see new places every weekend – and to then get to capture all of that and all of the wedding day joy in photos!

Where do you draw inspiration from when preparing for each wedding?

I often look at wedding blogs to see how other talented photographers are styling couples and approaching the art of wedding photography. It’s important to keep things creative!

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

What makes me unique is that I handle every aspect of my client’s wedding photography – I work for myself, so every time a client emails or calls my business, they are talking directly with me. I am lead photographer at every wedding, I edit every photo and I create every album design. I love being so hands on – it allows me to have a very personal, one-on-one relationship with each of my couples.


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