Dawn Ferris is an east coast event planner and designer, and the founder of Skylar Arden Wedding, Event Planning & Design. She strives to balance the glamorous with the humble and the refined with the gypsy. She favors authentic materials and intimate details that relate back to each individual.

Meet: Dawn Ferris

I am a New England native who grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts. After high school I attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn as an illustration major. After receiving My B.F.A I then immersed myself in the fashion world where I gained experience in color concepting, sketching, color theory, both fashion and graphic design, materials and styling. I became a certified event and wedding planner from Longevity Wedding Planning Institute. I currently reside in Queens,NY.

What brought you to the wedding industry?

I started planning weddings and events on the side. I was always the person who was asked by friends and family members to throw parties, graduations showers and so on. I love the details of planning and the fact that I can use my creative back ground to really kick an event up a notch makes it that much better for me.

What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

Seeing all the planning come to life and in turn a happy couple with a day that will have memories that last a life time.

Where do you draw inspiration from when preparing for each wedding?

I always research upcoming trends for the year ahead. Trends from fashion can be translated from prints to color ways even floral ideas. New York is such an inspiring city however, you could find inspiration from walking down the street to a current art exhibit. But most importantly I like to hear each couples unique stories. I want to wedding to embody them. What are their interests? How did they meet? What do they love most about each other? Simple questions like this can really make the day special.

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

I try to offer a well rounded package. Something that I think is lacking from a lot of wedding planners packages is personal training. What better time to set a health focused goal then your wedding day? Fitness and nutrition is such an important daily part of my life that I want to share the wealth for lack of better terms. I have a certified personal trainer on hand who is passionate and will get any couple in the best shape of their lives. Working out is such a great stress outlet for an important year as well as your life time.


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