Louis David is a Belgian photographer based in New York, specialized in weddings, portraits and travel photography. Louis spends his time between New York, Brussels and the rest of the world documenting people, places and moments.

“My style when shooting a wedding is a mix of journalistic and documentary style with a fun and modern touch. Most importantly to me is to capture the moments and emotions experienced, so that even 20 years from your wedding you will be able to live and feel these moments again.”

Meet: Louis David

I am a traveler and a photographer. I spend my time between New York, Brussels and the rest of the world. My dad spent a lot of time traveling for his work and my mom is an art teacher…I think I got my artistic eye from her and the travel bug from him.

I discovered photography in 2005 during my first independent travel to Bolivia. While abroad, I was engrossed with the beauty of photography and realized my desire to travel the world in search of beautiful places, people and moments to capture. Photography remained a hobby and passion until 2010 when I finally decided to quit my job and become a full-time photographer. Since then, I have been lucky enough to travel and work all around the world and meet amazing people.

What brought you to the wedding industry?

While I was still exploring photography as a hobby, I was invited to a friend’s wedding as one of the photographers. It felt natural to me to document the moments and emotions at my friend’s wedding. The positive feedback I received from the wedding inspired me to explore a career as a wedding photographer and revealed to me how incredibly happy I am when taking pictures.

What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

No two weddings are the same so it’s really hard to answer, but I do love the first look. It’s the look in their eyes when they first see each other or the tremble in their voice as they exchange vows. You can feel it with them, in the moment and again in the photos.

What is the best part about your job?

To be able to experience all the joy from the wedding day again in the photos and delivering them to my couples.

Where do you draw inspiration from when preparing for each wedding?

I actually draw a lot of inspiration from the works of other wedding photographers, such as Jeff Ascough or Jonathan Canlas. Browsing the works from my own industry helps me think about my approach to photography and identify not only how I can be different, but also how I can share similar strengths.

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

Tough question, but I’d say my personality and how I interact with people. I’m often told that I’m good at making people feel comfortable and have fun in front of the camera.


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