“Pictures are powerful. They evoke emotion and bring back feelings. They narrate our memories and are the heirlooms that stand up to the passage of time. They are always ready to transport us back to the moments we carry in our heart, the ones that really matter. This is why I fell in love with wedding photography.”

Angela Newton Roy is an east coast, fine art wedding photographer with a background in art and design. She is an artist and storyteller through her works, and shoots a mixture of film and digital photography for that romantic, soft look.

Meet: Angela Newton Roy

I am a Fine Art Wedding Photographer, with a background in design and a Master of Fine Art Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. A strong love for the arts, design, and photojournalism naturally led me to photography, and my hopeless romantic and nostalgic heart made weddings a natural fit.

What brought you to the wedding industry?

I have always loved photography’s ability to transport you back to a moment in time. To serve as a tangible narrative to a sacred and cherished memory. As a bride planning her wedding, nothing was more valuable to me than photography and the preservation of such an important day. As I explored my talent and interest for photography after grad school, it became immediately clear to me that weddings encompassed all that I loved about photography. Capturing emotion, authenticity, beauty, and the storytelling, these are the things that draw me in to photography and are so naturally found in a wedding. My heart immediately knew it had found its’ home the moment I shot my first wedding, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

The moment a couple is pronounced married. I always have a giant smile on my face and feel a little giddy at seeing their joy. It’s indescribable. Especially because I know the beautiful journey they are about to embark on and I’m so happy for them. I have to say a close second is when the bride puts on her dress and takes it all in. Soaks up that moment. It’s the anticipation. Her family and friends seeing her. Just the excitement of that moment, the “it’s really real, I’m getting married” feeling. Capturing that happiness is amazing.

What is the best part about your job?

Making couples happy. Being invited to share in the intimacy of telling one of the most important stories of their lives. Capturing their joy, and giving them images that in 20 years, they can look back on and see a visual representation of the love they shared on that day, that laid the foundation for the incredible life they’ve built together. Giving them something that in good times and bad, will bring them back to their vows, their love, where it all started.

Angela Roy - Angela Newton Roy Photography-2

Where do you draw inspiration from when preparing for each wedding?

From understanding the couple. What moves them. What matters to and speaks to them. I also get inspired by nature, travel, music, movies, fashion. Other forms of art. Letting those things fill me up and inspire me always leads to amazing images.

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

I think the personality of a photographer and the general energy they give off makes the experience of working with them unique. Every person is different, and the way they interpret the day based on their values and vision makes them original. I strike a balance between being laid back and one-step-ahead. I always strive to be a calming presence for brides and couples, having everything under control and busting my tush for them. Part photographer, part friend who really cares about them and their happiness. In my imagery, I walk the line between capturing the moments as they unfold – the tears, the laughs, the smiles – but also helping to advise and style the day to ensure stunning images. Ultimately, I want a good story to be told, and through the positive energy and love I bring with me to each wedding day, I always see things beautifully!


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