Martine Boursiquot-LaConte is a wedding planner, blogger and business owner. Her desire to help couples navigate and plan their wedding day inspired her to start Primp My Bride and This Modern Love Events, a full service wedding and event planning company working with couples in Los Angeles, New York City, Connecticut and beyond.

Meet: Martine Boursiquot-LaConte

While planning my own destination wedding, I became inspired to help fellow brides by creating the wedding blog Primp My Bride, where I share advice and tips that are invaluable during the wedding planning process. I later applied to become a Featured Blogger on WeddingBee, the largest wedding blog in the US and was accepted, giving me the chance to share my wedding planning experience with an audience of millions. I have been quoted for tips on wedding planning in Huffington Post Weddings, Forbes, Bridal Guide and Bride & Groom Magazine.

Inspired to help couples on an even more personal level and with encouragement from my amazing husband, family and friends, I decided to take my passion one step further and plan weddings professionally. I am a Certified Wedding Planner and member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. I am also the Assistant Director for the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, who specialize in wedding gown cleaning, preservation and restoration.

Prior to planning weddings, I worked in the digital advertising industry for almost a decade and have a B.A. in English from NYU.

What brought you to the wedding industry?

I created This Modern Love Events, LLC to bring my professional experience in digital media, my love of all things wedding, my sharp organizational skills and my passion for helping couples plan their weddings to perfection. I am a romantic at heart and believe that a piece of dessert can solve all problems 🙂

What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

Other than seeing them say “I Do”, I love seeing the smiles on my clients’ faces as they hear the speeches from those closest to them–it’s very heartwarming!

What is the best part about your job?

Being there for one of the most important days of my couples’ lives and managing all of the little details so they can have the BEST.DAY.EVER with their family and friends.

Where do you draw inspiration from when preparing for each wedding?

Mostly from my couples themselves. Even though at the end of the day, most weddings generally follow the same format, what makes weddings unique are the people involved. Everyone has their own unique style and tastes and I think that’s the most important thing to include when a couple is planning their wedding.

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

I love using modern technology to help make my clients’ lives (and my life) easier when it comes to planning! From the awesome apps out there to instantly collect guest photos, from planning and organizational tools, integrating some tech into the planning process and even on the wedding day is a very important part of what I offer (hence the name, This Modern Love Events)!


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